Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Safe and Sound by A.B. Whelan

In the world where freedom is no longer your right; where being in love and starting a family is not a blessing but a curse, a baby is born. To spare him from the harsh life the Arkanian slaves in Terraka City have to endure, his parents attempt the impossible.

They have to pay a high price for their courage.

Heartbroken and lonely, Victor Sorren spends his life waiting for his father’s return. But how much pain and suffering can be inflicted on an innocent young boy before hatred takes over his heart? Yet there is no darkness without light. And falling for a girl from Earth might provide just the right amount of light to bring hope back to Victor’s dark heart.

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I've been a complete fangirl of Arkania since I first started Fields of Elysium. I can't get enough of the excellent characters, exciting plot and engaging imagery that makes up this new world of the series. Still, I was a bit worried to start Safe and Sound. Sometimes it feels like novellas added to a series really only take away from them. Fortunately, this was not the case at all with Safe and Sound, which built onto the incredible world of Arkania through a different point of view.

I'm a sucker for a good back story when it is tastefully done, which is why I really enjoyed reading the glimpse into the story behind Victor's birth by actually looking into the minds of his parents instead of going through a simple retelling. It gives the information of a prequel without actually having to craft an entire one, which I thought worked for the best.

When the story switched over to Victor's point of view, I grew even more intrigued. Having already known Victor from the first books of the series, it was very cool for the opportunity to get inside of his head. My love for him as a character was only reinforced, as its always so refreshing to have characters with flaws. If I wanted perfectly perfect plastic Ken dolls, I would flip through magazine ads. Victor has layers beneath him, and he doesn't always make the best decisions, even with his heart in the right place. It's fantastic.
Not to mention, with everything that happened in the world of the series, it was nice to be able to go back and see the beginning - in which Victor and Molly meet for the first time. It had the feeling of relieving a good memory, only seeing it from a completely different angle. Despite the technical "retelling" of the start of Fields of Elysium, I wasn't bored at all. In fact, I probably could read the entire series retold from Victor's point of view and fully enjoy it. (Although I do understand that a feat as such would simply be tedious.)

Despite the shorter number of pages, Safe and Sound packs a really powerful punch. With a heartbreaking, action-packed romance making up the beginning and a voice-driven narrative rounding out the end, this novella did not lose my attention for a moment. I'm now even more excited to continue with this series in the future.

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