Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: When Implausible Events Occur by Lucia Morosanu

Love...What is it all about? Nobody really knows, but everybody has an opinion and a story. And this is the story of a boy named Alex and a girl named Diana and how a series of highly implausible events changed their relationship forever: and made for an interesting self-discovery journey.

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This is the first short story that I'm reviewing on this blog, and it was very fun to return to this type of writing and get a little glimpse into a moment of time. When Implausible Events Occur is a lovely short read that manages to be both dark and warm depending on the moment.
Set at the tail end of a long relationship, the story follows Diana struggling to realize what she actually wants and how she really feels, as she relives memories of her time with Alex while trying to move on with her own life. The thing that I loved the most about this story is how real it felt. Sure, there wasn't an entirely new world or the impossible happening, but it held the everyday chaos of life and the inevitable implausibilities that we are all subject to. Despite it's short length, When Implausible Events Occur is able to convey how small this world really is, and just how many times two lives can have their paths cross. In addition, I loved the emotional responses of the story. They never felt fake, and the reality of them affects the reader by setting a similar mood.

In a way, the story seemed longer than it actually was, and I don't mean that in a negative way. Between being wrapped up in the easier past of Alex and Die as well as the harsh present, I felt that I knew their story so well, I must have invested a lot of time into reading - when, in reality, I was able to devour the story in one sitting.

As the synopsis of When Implausible Events Occur brushes on, the themes of the story are absolutely wonderful. Whether it be the fact that we can't predict life because of all the implausible events or trying to figure out what love really means, they are conflicts that all of us face, or will face soon enough. 

I really enjoyed the dark beauty of When Implausible Events Occur, a story that can stay on the reader's mind a fair amount afterward. Although a light read in size, the layers beneath are anything but. It's definitely one to consider checking out.

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