Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review: Thrill by Wendy Potocki (Tour Stop)


Date Published: February 14, 2014

Kyle Evans is a teenager who wants to be somebody. To achieve his goal, Kyle joins a gang called Hell's Bells. While he thinks he's arrived, he only finds danger.
The club is obsessed with finding thrills and taking chances, but Kyle’s unaware that there’s a price to pay. Up for a dare, he accepts a challenge that lands him on the wrong side of the supernatural. 

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Thrill is one thrill-ride of a novel that will carry readers along from the first pages. I chose a perfect day to read it - the still, creepy, kind-of-feels-like-something-bad-is-going-to-happen kind - and I couldn't put the novel down until I finished it.

The plot of Thrill will keep readers second-guessing at the edges of their seats. It is fast-paced, adrenaline-rushed suspense that keeps the pages turning. I have a weakness for dark novels, and I could not get enough of this one.

Although Kyle did seem like just another angst-ridden teen in the beginning, the story picks up immediately. One he finds himself sucked into the world of the Hell's Bells (anyone else getting AC/DC stuck in their heads?) he really started to develop as a character. By the end of the novel, Kyle had to go through an internal struggle large enough to capture anyone's attention and keep them hooked. All of the members of Hell's Bells had their distinct personalities, and Potocki did an excellent job of forming their unique relationships.

Although these thrill-seekers might not be the most obvious way to display themes of brotherhood and loyalty, they definitely came across. Wax might have stretched this to a bit of an extreme, but the ideals to have a solid core. Plus, loyalty's pretty important if you want to participate in less than legal behavior, so who can really blame him?

Although by no means unwelcome, Thrill did seem to shift into the supernatural pretty quickly. I was enjoying the high-energy adrenaline rush games of Hell's Bells when, the next thing I know- yep, guys, it's black magic. That weird shit going on? Voodoo. 


Given, I still thoroughly enjoyed the half after the abrupt shift, so I would let that really effect my opinion in any way. The way that the black magic was woven into the story and their lives after the shift made it almost believable - not to mention, much more creepy.

Thrill is sure to excite, terrify, and - well - thrill readers the entire time. The twists, turns and And Then There Were None style of horror will keep readers pulled into the strange world of Tyler, CA. With plenty of action, suspense, and darkness, Thrill is definitely one to check out.   

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