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Bleak Devotion by Gemma Drazin (Book Blitz)

Bleak Devotion - Release Blitz
By Gemma Drazin
Young Adult Futuristic Dark Fantasy
Date Published: March 31, 2014

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Jessica doesn't know how long it's been, only that it seems like forever since she's allowed her feelings to show. Ever since they attacked her city. Monsters which appear human but are void of any expression, and seem bent on destroying all signs of sentiment in others. Their lethal blades shred anyone who shows even the slightest emotion.

After her only remaining friend is killed, Jessica flees the city hoping to find a place where emotions aren't fatal. A place to grieve those she lost and live out her meager existence. When she discovers the world of the emotionless creatures isn't what she believes, the love it leads her to may also be the path to her own death.


Jessica clamped her teeth together and took a deep breath. “I can stay calm if he can.”

Zach shook his head. “I don't think—”

“Let her speak with me.” A deep male voice resonated through the crowded hallway.

Throwing on an emotionless mask, Jessica slowly shifted her body toward the voice. A tall male, whom she could only assume was the monster they called Blade, had managed to sneak down the stairs and stood mere inches from her. If she reached out, she would be able to touch him. The thought disturbed her and she struggled to maintain her composure.

The only thing she wanted to do was run screaming at this monster who had ruined her life. Every emotion that she'd been forced to hold in since the invasion begged to be launched at him. Grief. Torture. Outrage. Terror. All of it, she wanted him to feel. She wanted the rage to coat him inside and out, no matter what it would do to him.

Gemma Drazin
Gemma Drazin is the author of short stories and Young Adult Fantasies, sometimes mixing in a love story. She has a great love for cute shoes and can often be found outside with a book and a treat. When she’s not reading or writing she can be found enjoying time with her husband and children.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Ethereal Fury (Gemini Rising #1) By Jessica O'Gorek



Angry at the human race and its methodical destruction of her resources, Mother Earth recruits souls who have just left their bodies to serve Her, and turns them against humanity. Gemini, a clan of paranormal beings, picked from these possessed humans, emerges. A powerful, rising force proceeds to carry out Mother Nature’s plan to systematically destroy towns, cities, states… and eventually, the world. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between a human girl, Violette, and Onyx, a lead Gemini, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.

My Rating
My Review

Ethereal Fury is a beautiful novel with gorgeous imagery and a great pacing that will entrance readers throughout the entire ride. An excellent beginning to a series, I am excited to see what else the author has in store. It is the kind of novel that readers can devour in one sitting, even if it takes up a large portion of their day and they really should be doing other things.
The storyline of Ethereal Fury is very unique and captivating. It almost seems to shift gears after the first two chapters, which were a bit slow, but then picks up very quickly. The novel does not go back into the Gemini very much after the beginning, and I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. On one hand, it would be interesting to get a deeper look into the Gemini and their plans, but on the other, I was much more engrossed in the specific story of Onyx.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the way that it kept pushing forward. Once the story picked up, it really didn't fall flat again. The setting of the cult-like church and orphanage created a wonderfully dark tone that only added to my interest.

I've always held a love for characters with a dark side, and I couldn't get enough of Onyx. He had to struggle to maintain control of himself, especially around Violette, which made for a highly interesting internal battle. If someone were to just tell me about Violette's character in black and white terms, I probably would have made the assumption that I didn't like her. However, upon reading Ethereal Fury, I discovered that she is very complex, with layers of frailty and strength, and has a relatable personality that makes for a wonderful character. 

The romance of Ethereal Fury is up there with my all-time favorites. I'm not sure if it is the forbidden and dark nature of Onyx and Violette together or something else entirely, but the relationship between them is both sweet and seductive, and readers can practically feel the intoxication.

Ethereal Fury will take readers on a wonderfully dark journey all the way to the abrupt cliffhanger of an ending. The progression of the story and the characters, especially Violette, impressed me and I can't wait to discover what will come next.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: John Dreamer by Elise Celine


Andy wasn’t usually sure about much, but she was absolutely certain this was the weirdest day of her life as she stood stranded in the middle of a great white room with six strangers. Well, they were mostly strangers. She could have sworn she’d seen the guy with the green eyes before, and maybe that was why he kept staring at her.

When a man calling himself the Guardian appeared and said they had come to make their deepest dreams come true, they embark on an adventure none of them ever imagined, and the consequences of their actions would change them forever.

"John Dreamer" is the first in a series of books set in the confines of the Great White Room.

My Rating

My Review

Something about John Dreamer is actually very dreamlike. The novel gave me the kind of feelings that one experiences by being out in the moonlight on a warm summer night or floating in a space between alertness and sleep. Although it is a quick read, it's a beautiful story.
And I absolutely love the title.

The Great White Room is a wonderful setting - the exact medium between something believable and something simply in, well, dreams. From Andy's first moments awaking in this mysterious place, it absolutely captivated me. It's one of those places where anything seems possible. Where readers can actually believe that forms of magic exist, even outside the world of the story. After all, there's always a possibility any one of us can wake up in a white room with seven different chairs, isn't there?

I absolutely loved the way that the dreams were fulfilled, as all of the room occupants had to be tested in their own way, some exciting and grandiose and others personal and emotional. Experiencing these really helped better get into the minds and the lives of the characters, especially since there was not a whole lot of time to get to know them with the And Then There Were None or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind of mentality.

Speaking of the characters, I thought they were done incredibly well. Each of them had completely unique personalities, which made the experience of them together in the room much more enjoyable to read about. From the dreamy John D. Reamer to the mysterious and intriguing (not to mention quite funny) Guardian, the characters really added to the already unique plot.

Although I did thoroughly enjoy reading John Dreamer, I thought that some of the pacing was a bit quick. For a moment, it felt like dreams were just being fulfilled left and right. This made the relationships seem a little fast as well. They all seemed to be very close even though they didn't spend very much time together. Given, I've never experienced any love at first sight, so I might just not know what I'm talking about. Still, I would have enjoyed seeing the growth of their relationships or possibly a bit more conflict or obstacles in fulfilling the dreams.

All in all, John Dreamer is an enchanting novel. It's a read that can be quickly knocked out, and will most likely be enjoyable to fans of Young Adult, especially those who like a blend of contemporary and fantastical ideas.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic by Iain Reading


Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic is the thrillingly cryptic fourth installment of the exciting Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series featuring the intrepid teenage seaplane pilot Kitty Hawk and her various adventures of mystery and intrigue as she follows in the footsteps of Amelia Earhart on an epic flight around the world. This fourth book in the series brings Kitty to the emerald hills of Ireland where she meets a handsome stranger and is quickly swept up in a perplexing hundred-year-old family treasure hunt involving secret codes and puzzling clues that lead her on a fast-paced adventure that carries her from Dublin to London - from the decks of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic to the temples of ancient Egypt and the streets of Jack the Ripper - until she finally unlocks the mystery and discovers the long-hidden treasure. Much like the earlier books in this series, Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic is a perfect book to fire the imaginations of armchair detectives of all ages. Filled with fascinating and highly Google-able locations and history the reader will find themselves immersed in brand new worlds that are brought to life before their very eyes as Kitty Hawk experiences the stories and history of a doomed ocean liner and unravels the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic. 

My Rating

My Review

This is the fourth Kitty Hawk novel that I reviewed, and I'm surprised - but pleased - to say that it may just be my favorite one yet. Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic is thrilling, engaging, and an exciting ride until to the very end.

I can think of plenty of reasons why Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic was such an enjoyable read.

1. The History
Just like in the first three novels, the historical background is highly interesting. The facts are brilliantly woven into the story so they feel like first-hand accounts. From reading more about the Titanic itself to Ancient Egypt, I could not get enough of the tales.

2. The Mystery
Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic has such a wonderful plot that revolves around the mystery of the story. Having always been a fan of mysteries, I especially enjoyed this one. Not only did it involve code, a jetski getaway, and the Titanic, but did not have any slow portions.

3. The Location
Taking place in Great Britain, the setting was perfect for the novel. Although cultural components were not as prominent in this book that in the third book, I found that to work better. I was glad to have a story that focuses on the mystery at hand. Besides, I'm not completely in the dark about the land across the pond, I watch BBC.

4. The Characters
This time, there are two in particular. The first is Thomas Ismay. He is a good, old-fashioned villain to get in the way of solving the mystery. He has nobility, power, and a bad attitude that allows for the respect all good antagonists deserve.
Although Andrew was a great companion for Kitty, but the second character I have to mention is Richard. Despite that the fact that he wasn't a huge role in the story, the fact that he is a tour guide for tours on both Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes is enough to make me be disappointed in the fact that he's fictional.
Which brings me to the next reason...

5. The Fact That There is a Large Sherlock Holmes Reference That is Incorporated Into the Mystery.

6. The Themes
The themes of Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic are absolutely beautiful. Between what is learned from the conclusion of the big mystery to what Kitty herself learns through the entire experience. One thing I love about this series is the way that it makes the reader feel like they should get out there and experience, really live life to the fullest.

Last, but not least,

7. The Epilogue
I won't ruin anything. But it made me very happy.

All in all, I can't think of many reasons not to read this novel, so I suggest in finding it right away.

I'll be awaiting the next adventure.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: Radium Halos by W.J May


Everyone needs to be a hero at one point in their life.

The small town of Elliot Lake will never be the same again.

Caught in a sudden thunderstorm, Zoe, a high school senior from Elliot Lake, and five of her friends take shelter in an abandoned uranium mine. Over the next few days, Zoe’s hearing sharpens drastically, beyond what any normal human being can detect. She tells her friends, only to learn that four others have an increased sense as well. Only Kieran, the new boy from Scotland, isn’t affected.

Fashioning themselves into superheroes, the group tries to stop the strange occurrences happening in their little town. Muggings, break-ins, disappearances, and murder begin to hit too close to home. It leads the team to think someone knows about their secret – someone who wants them all dead.

An incredulous group of heroes. A traitor in the midst. Some dreams are written in blood.

My Rating: 4

My Review:

Radium Halos is a different kind of superhero story, but it is definitely just as enjoyable as all of your favorites. Maybe the whole group of friends being accidentally exposed to a strange matter that gives them super abilities plot isn't exactly new, but the way that May tells it keeps the story fresh and exciting.

I loved that the abilities were derived from the senses, as it seems more likely to actually happen. Amplifying what is already present makes a lot more sense than powers just being developed out of thin air. Having the group learn more about their powers and slowly come to realize how they can push themselves really added to the pacing of the novel.

Besides, who doesn't love a good Origins story?

The characters of Radium Halos are excellent as they all have their unique personalities. Both Zoe and Brett proved to be interesting narrators that were able to keep the attention of the reader. They managed to have different voices that still transitioned smoothly. Kieran is a perfectly mysterious character. It's hard not to make some predictions about him, just as it's difficult to determine a solid opinion of the guy. I'd love to learn more about Rylee, Heidi and Seth in the future.

Radium Halos has moments that will make you laugh and even more moments that will keep you at the edge of your seat, waiting to find out what will happen next. From the very beginning, readers are drawn into the story of these six teens, all the way to the sharp cliff of an ending. I enjoyed reading Radium Halos and cannot wait until the release of part two.