Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Valley of Darkness Part 1 By A.B. Whelan


Release date: May 30, 2013 ( e-book price: 99 cents)

It has been two months since Victor admitted his feelings to Molly and they became the coolest couple at Beverly Hills High and since Adam’s memory had been erased and the secret of the Arkanians became safe once again.

But Molly is robbed of her short-lived happiness when tragedy strikes her family and she is forced to face life’s dark side. Now she feels that there is nothing left for her on Earth but an insensitive aunt and her little brother, while Arkana promises a place where she might find happiness and purpose again.

There had been talks between Molly and Victor about secretly moving the entire Bennett family to the safe and peaceful Arkana, but Molly doesn’t want to live in the shadows anymore. She wants to be a Sentinel and join the fight against the Terrakas. But getting into the Academy requires more than a pretty face.
My Review:
Normally, when you are awaiting a sequel, you kind of assume that it is not going to be as good as the first one. I really liked Fields of Elysium, so I was a bit worried to start Valley of Darkness.
I really did not have to be. This novel exceeded my expectations, and proved that the series just continues to get better.
You really see a new side of Molly's character, and this development allows her to grow. I think that the conflict within Valley of Darkness intensified from the first novel, which made me devour the story even more! This installment is more dark than the first novel, but Whelan works that to an advantage because I could not get enough. Between the problems Molly faces, the action of the Sentinels and the romance with Victor, there is not a single part of the story that doesn't fully keep your attention.
Speaking of Victor, you cannot help but fall in love with a character like him. Definitely pleased by the role that he played in this novel. Like Molly, he is continuing to grow as a character and I am very excited to see more of him. (Although, I am hoping to see more of the other characters from Arkana later in the series.)
Valley of Darkness is interesting, beautifully written, and altogether a wonderful addition to the series. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading Fields of Elysium and continuing with Valley of Darkness. My only complaint is that, with the exciting twist of an ending, I have to wait for the second part! (I mean, I get it...but still...)
 ((Still not convinced, check out the amazing book trailer!))

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