I would absolutely love to review your work, regardless of genre or length or whether or not you self-publish. I'll read it. Maybe. Probably. If it sounds like it could in any way be my kind of thing.

I used to be a wiz at time restraints, finishing books like their going out of style, but it's kind of funny how life can get in the way. I'm also a writer, actor, and student, so I unfortunately cannot dedicate my entire life to reading books. If I'm taking absurdly long, feel free to nudge me. I don't mind. Although doing so in a kind way is always appreciated.

I also am interested in book tours, guest posts, interviews. Let me know, I'll try to help.

Email me.


I want to support your blog, and have you guest post, or whatever collaboration you want. I just need to know who you are.

You go ahead and email me too.


Have a recommendation? Think we could be friends and want to chat? (I'm for it.)

Why am I listing this so many times? I only have one email.

You can also friend me on Goodreads

Not the friending type? That's okay. You can follow me too.

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