Review Policy

I love to read and review books for authors, and would be more than happy to consider any book that comes my way, but I do have to have some ground rules or points set up. I know, I know, not fun.

1. This fact should be clear, but the main focus of this blog is YA of all genres. However, I will also consider a select amount of fiction MG or NA books. The best thing to do is ask. 
          Note: I'm pretty adamant on not reviewing erotica (your book doesn't need to be completely clean, but if the main focus of the book is sex, I'm not the right reviewer for you.) Although I push some limits, I want to keep this blog somewhat clean. Again, if you are unsure, just send me an email.

2. I absolutely support independent and self-published authors, and consider those books for review just as much as traditionally published works.

3. I try to satisfy review requests in a time frame of two weeks after receiving the novel. However, if there is a chance that I might take longer, I will do my best to give you fair warning. Feel free to yell at me if I'm taking too long (a gentle reminder will also suffice).

4. I accept both hard copy novels and ebooks. Ebook formats that work for me include .mobi and PDF. Really, whatever works best for you, I am pretty lenient on this.

5. Besides reviews, I also participate in blog tours, as well as post interviews and guest posts.

6. I want to help authors, not hurt them, but some novels just do not appeal to everyone and I do my best to be completely honest in all of my reviews. Saying this, if I would rate a novel under 3 stars (1 or 2) then I will contact you to see if you would still want the review posted.

7. I can also post reviews on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble (website), Amazon, and Smashwords.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at or message me on twitter @theyalitchick

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