Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Imperfection by Phaedra Seabolt (Blog Tour Stop)


Meara Falk always followed her parents' rules, until one night in March when the temptation to let loose changed her life forever. Nine months later, disowned and with a baby on her hip, she discovers werewolves are real after being on the wrong end of one’s teeth and claws.

When her first change is upon her, werewolves attack her home, stealing her son and driving her out of her home. Now she’s looking for the man who kidnapped her baby and turned her life upside down.

A war is brewing between the two packs with Meara’s son being in the center. Will she be able to get her son back before losing everyone she cares about?

My Rating: 4

My Review:

From the very beginning of the novel, it is clear that Seabolt has a great control over her words, as the writing is absolutely breathtaking. She created a world of blood and lust, loyalty and love that shadows our own. Immediately attention-grasping, Imperfection is a short read that kept me engaged in the ride the entire experience.

A very refreshing aspect of Seabolt's characterization was that her characters were not watered down or smothered. On many different occasions, authors seem to force their characters' amiability onto readers, and avoid putting them in a bad light. In Imperfection, the characters made mistakes and did real actions, even if they were not the most agreeable. This made me like and respect the characters more than I would have otherwise.

Although I am a fan of werewolf stories, there is a fine line between a good one and a not-so-good one. Seabolt managed to craft a great one, adding a mythological twist to explain the creation of werewolves. Having a background that explained the story in greater detail offered a more interesting reading experience, especially since the history is so commonly looked over.

Imperfection also managed to have different plot lines between different characters intertwined and happening all at once, even though a large part of the story is told in the first person. This technique not only showed how greatly developed and round all of the characters were, but kept the story interesting. In fact, my favorite plot line was between two supporting characters, who stole the show, in my opinion.

Although this is a more personal point, as an Ohio native, I was excited to recognize many of the settings in the story. However, regardless of where you live or what you know, Imperfection is sure to captivate until the climatic and cliff-hanging end.


  1. Thank you so much for your review! I am so glad you enjoyed my book and recognized some of the locations. I am curious which two characters you enjoyed the most though. ;-) Thank you for being a part of the tour!

  2. Thanks for sharing your review and the giveaway. Sounds like my kind of book. evamillien at gmail dot com