Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: I Rize by S.T. Anthony (Book Tour Stop)

From a poetic point of view, Miss Nora’s classroom is my Garden of Eden. Everything is so perfect and peaceful during those fifty minutes that I am in her class each day. 

Then the stupid bell has to ring and ruin everything. 

That annoying, ringing bell taints my ears from evil lurking the halls. The ringing of the bell tempts me to take one step out for the next class. 

And when I do, all hell breaks loose. 

When evil walks the halls of Valley High, Adny’s life is put to the ultimate test. Three weeks before senior graduation, she leaves a series of videos behind for her best friend to relive the days leading up to the moment that would impact everyone who crossed her path. Adny’s family and close friends search within themselves and the outside world for not only who would hurt her, but why. 

The search would be one they won't regret, but one they'd hope to forget. 

S.T. Anthony

I have had a crazy imagination since the old kindergarten days and excited to finally put it down on paper. I am currently in college and loving every moment so far. My love to pursue medicine and to write is my passion in life!

I am also true blood obsessed and my eyes will be glued to the TV every Sunday. I am super excited to be releasing my first self published book called I RIZE.

 Rating: 5


It's not everyday that one can find a book that truly affects them, deeply and intimately. I especially struggle to find this in contemporary novels. But I Rize completely blew me away. 

Certain books really hit the heart of a reader, and connect to them on a very emotional level, so that when the novel is fully devoured, and the last word is read on that final page, it's as if the reader has woken up from a dream. I Rize is a stunning work, beautifully written to give every reader that kind of feeling. 

Regardless of what has happened in anyone's past, or whether or not one has experienced true abuse from peers, it is easy to connect to the story, and Adny's character. Even if the tragic fate has already happened, one can't help but wish things were different as they read through, discovering more and more of the truth.

I Rize is a novel that stays with the reader for a very long time after finishing the work. Although I can't tell what this says about me, I am not too proud to admit that a certain scene involving sandpaper actually brought me to tears. Even thinking about it now, as I click away at the keys of my laptop to try and find words that can capture the beauty of a novel like this, my eyes are probably a bit glassy.

Using well-developed characters, themes that are both dark and light, and a realism that can be difficult to find in the world of fiction, I Rize is an absolutely breathtaking debut that is sure to not disappoint. Fans of contemporary YA are in for an emotional ride, and I highly recommend the experience.

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