Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: Heart Tales by Celine Garcia

Three charming tales of that never ending rollercoaster called life, each one sure to pack a sweet punch of candy for the heart. One story involves a girl and a mystery box with handwritten song lyrics. The second follows a guy on the road with memories of the girl that got away, and finally a teen girl who can actually speak to the source of her angst…her heart.

Audio Frequency

Geraldine works the counter at Audio Frequency, a small music store that was once the hub of the local music scene. The best part of her day is a little brown box that is delivered to the store with song lyrics written inside, a playful guessing game between a mystery guy who seems to totally get her. Geraldine finds she is ready to make big changes at Audio Frequency and thankfully her best friend Sam just scored her a ticket to the biggest music benefit in town. Geraldine may get everything she wants when she discovers that her mystery guy may be at the event.
A sweet little story about friendship, expectations, and the leaps that must be made to take the love you want.

Legal U Turn

Gwen and Dean share an awkward drive home for their first college break because of convenience. But with hate comes a confiding friendship that may mean more to Dean. After his true feelings slip during a trip home, his friendship with Gwen ends abruptly and they don’t speak or see each other again.

Two years later Dean finds himself driving the same route he and Gwen used to take home years ago and it’s accompanied with the best memories of Gwen. A journey filled with a fun combo of memorable road trips and not so great first impressions causes Dean to wonder, is there a possibility of rekindling one of his greatest friendships?

Heart Set on You

A funny thing happened to Ellie when she woke after her heart transplant. Her donor didn’t exactly die. Instead he stayed behind to both of their confusion and can only be seen by Ellie. Ellie is unable to make friends at school and her only confidant is her heart donor, who she coincidentally nicknames Heart. After thinking she would always be socially challenged, she comes across someone who could change everything. Can this new someone help free Ellie and Heart from their bond? Or will new feelings arise that neither of them expected?

A unique story that reveals how friends can compliment and challenge each other told with fun sarcastic humor and heart.

My Rating


My Review

Heart Tales is a very sweet collection of romance stories that readers can fall in love with easy. Although they are unique in their own ways, but each has a very fun voice that makes for an enjoyable read. Of course, the sarcasm is always appreciated.

Audio Frequency is a beautifully written short story with music at its basis. The setting of the music store was incredibly fun to read about, as they aren't as common in fiction anymore. Most of us can relate to Geraldine with music being a large part of our lives, and I loved the fact that she was able to be so optimistic as a character. The game played with the song lyrics was incredibly cute, as it shows how there is always a song out there that perfectly relates to our emotions and life. I loved the ending, which made for a very wonderful story. 

I enjoyed reading from the perspective of Dean in Legal U Turn, which definitely differed from Audio Frequency, but in a good way. The story was told in a unique way, with flashbacks that gave the reader a sense of the characters' background and set of for the story's present. I enjoyed the feel of the flashbacks, as they were actually little scenes instead of simply recounting memories. The relationship between Gwen and Dean was incredibly sweet, and I loved how the road trip included strange but believably fun adventures. With yet another satisfying ending, I was hooked.

Last but certainly not least was Heart Set on You. I fell for this story from the very beginning. It doesn't have clear explanations and allows for more use of the imagination, which was cool to see - as many things in life actually can't be explained. The story was truly unique, and I loved seeing how it played out. Ellie, despite what she may think about it, is a very strong character, and readers are able to see her grow throughout the duration of the story. Her friendship with Heart was beautiful, and I loved the banter they shared, as it felt very authentic and fun. In fact, Heart might just be my favorite character overall. He is a very complex character, and was truly admirable. Despite the technically fact that his heart is no longer with him, I think he still had a lot of it.

All three of the stories were beautifully written and incredibly heart-warming. Although, at times, they did seem a bit rushed and I almost wished I could have seen more, I enjoyed every minute of it. Heart Tales is a wonderful romance collection that is both fun and lovely - and I can guarantee that many readers will swoon upon reading.

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