Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blogger Interview: Emma from Writing Lucid

I've done a fair amount of author interviews, but thought it might be interesting to hear more from the opposite side, which is why I was excited to interview a relatively new blogger, Emma.

What can I say? I'm also a bit partial to teenage writers, being as I'm one myself.

Anyway, here's the interview:

Hi, Emma! First of all, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

EG: Hi Justine!  I'm fourteen, I love writing, reading, and once in a while I even doodle a little bit.  But overall, writing is my one passion, I do it almost everyday and enjoy watching my characters develop.

How did you initially get into writing?

EG: Well, I have been trying to write ever since I was probably nine because I saw that my best friend was doing it but never got into even a few chapters of a book.  When I turned thirteen I started taking it up more seriously and really got into it.

Can you tell us about your blog, Writing Lucid?

EG: My blog was more of my mum's idea, she really encouraged me to do it so I can kind of show other people my writing.  I love doing it though!  It has writing tips, interesting facts, clips from my book "Lucid in Paris" and I am hoping to write a few short stories too!

It's great that you're already starting to write novels at such a young age! Do you have any authors that influence you?

EG: John Green, J.K. Rowling, James Dashner.  They really influence my writing and really help me along.  They are all so brilliant!

Well, what is your WIP about?

EG: My WIP is about an abused teen named Redalius that slips off into a Lucid dream (dream you can control) and ends up in 1800's Paris where she meets another dreaming teen boy named Jadin that tells her some bad news; she is stuck in a dream where all of her fears come to life.  Together, with her two other friends Oliver and Rachel, they fight these fears in a literal sense and try to get out before it destroys them.

That sounds pretty compelling! If you could bring any of your characters to life, who would you choose?

EG: I would choose Jadin.  Why?  Well, because he is sarcastic and funny but also has deep feelings and thoughts, that's my favorite thing about him.

Alright, so let's get to some fun questions. Any current TV obsessions?

EG: I am obsessed about a lot of tv shows!  I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural.

(I'm a big fan of Sherlock and Supernaural. I also advocate Community, which is my favorite comedy.) This is a not very related, but favorite question of mine: who would you want on your zombie apocalypse survival team? (I suppose this can also be substituted for 'hunters'. Also, I'm not saying you have to pick me, but I promise I'm a good choice.)

EG:I would totally pick you Justine!  Along with my two best friends, and Redalius, Jadin, Oliver, and Rachel!  We would totally survive!

Totally. Now, I'm a bit movie addict, so I need to know: if an alien race came to earth and could only bring one movie to share with their extraterrestrial brethren, which film would you suggest?

EG: The Fault in Our Stars.  Yup.

Speaking of, who is your number one fictional crush? (My number one slot is currently in, like, a fifty way tie.)

EG: Uriah from Divergent or Augustus Waters from TFIOS. 

Alright, last question. What advice do you want to give to other teenage writers and bloggers?

EG: I would say, just keep going.  Take a break once in a while, eat a lot of chocolate, but most of all believe in your story!  J.K Rowling (author of Harry Potter) got denied so many times it isn't even funny!  Now just look where she is now!  I believe in you!

Thanks for having me Justine!  This was a lot of fun!  I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

A big thank you to Emma for taking the time to answer my array of questions. I had a lot of fun with the interview. Be sure to check out her blog Writing Lucid at 
Also, if any other bloggers would be interested in an interview, please email me at  I would love to have you.


  1. Thanks, Justine!! I really enjoyed working with you!

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