Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blind Sight Blog Tour Stop: Review of Blind Sight by Ermisenda Alvarez

 I am very excited to again be a part of this blog tour. On Friday, you read the excerpt from the novel (or if not, you can read that below). Now, if you have not yet been convinced to read Blind Sight, you can read my review on it below.

  My Rating: 4  

My Review: Blind Sight is unique, interesting, and an all around good read. Although it seems that supernatural abilities are used so commonly within fiction, Blind Sight manages to show the topic in a new light, which makes me fall in love with the idea even more. Using a personification within the setting creates a whole new world that the reader can get lost in. It is the kind of novel that bends the fabric of reality, and those are definitely the best kinds.

Although it did take me a little bit to get into the story, once I did, I could hardly stop. The aspects of mystery and the slow revealing of new plot points lead to Blind Sight being an incredible page turner. It is also refreshing to see the multiculturalism within the novel, without being overbearingly obvious about it. Characters would likely be of different races, and I like when novels use that in a casual way, as it should be, instead of drawing attention to it or white-washing everything.

Not only that, but the characters are also very well-developed. Many of them, like Oddette and Titiana - still hold an air of mystery that is intriguing and keeps the story fresh. Leocardo is an excellent voice for the story to be told in the point of view from, as he acts as both a key player and a voice from the outside - since he is not the one actually having premonitions. If anything, I would say that I would have liked to see more of the natural abilities that the citizens were bestowed with. Many of them were not given enough credit, especially Leocardo.

All in all, Blind Sight is a beautifully written novel that will keep readers at the edge of their seat. It can be dark at times as well as light at others, but always continues to be enjoyable until the end. I definitely would NOT oppose to reading more from this author. Highly recommend. This post is part of the Blind Sight Blog Tour. Blind Sight is an urban fantasy novel written in two volumes, each telling the story through a different character's perspective. preview on Barnes and Noble preview on Amazon

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  1. Thanks for posting the honest review. Yay! It's great you enjoyed the novel, pacing and such. If you're interested in the following novels, Tatiana is one of the two main protagonists that tell the story for book 2. You may be able to discover more about who she is and her role. :D We might have to include you in that blog tour too ;). Thanks for joining us on this one though. You've been a pleasure to work with.

    - Ermisenda