Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: The Enlightening (Mackenzie Duncan #2) by Adrianne James


Mackenzie Duncan found out that pack life wasn’t for her. Now she is running for the second time in the six months since she was bitten and turned into a Werewolf. But this time, she isn’t alone. This time, she has Geoff and Liam with her, two very hot Werewolves vying for her heart.

But her companions aren't her focus. The only thing she can focus on is getting far from her old pack and their murderous ways. Only, she doesn’t just want to run. She wants to warn every pack she can that their lives are in danger too. No one should be turned against their will like she was and no other pack should have to surrender to the ideas of a centuries old, power hungry woman.

Not only does Mackenzie have to deal with her crazy ex-pack leader sending people out to kill her, she has to keep both men at arm’s length (and that proves to be much more difficult than she thought), but she finds out more about her own life and heritage than she ever thought imaginable.

And suddenly, everything makes sense...

My Rating: 5

My Review:

I was bitten by The Tempering and held captivated by The Enlightening. Whether you are such a werewolf groupie you eat rare meat every full moon or hate them so much you glare at every tanned, built and shirtless boy you see, The Mackenzie Duncan series is sure to be enjoyed.
It isn't often that I can say this, but I was able to connect with Mackenzie enough that I was starting to feel her emotions and thoughts as she did. Normally, when novels contain love triangles, I already know exactly what team I'm on to the point where I could print in on a t-shirt. This time, I couldn't decide. I completely understood her indecision, because I was having it too. But when Mackenzie started to realize who she wanted to choose, I found myself feeling the same way. (Then thinking that I always knew I wanted her to choose him, of course.)

Speaking of changing minds, there were definitely some wonderful plot twists that I did not see coming. I felt like I was really in the world and the time of the story, so I could not see any farther ahead than Mackenzie could. The plot of The Enlightening is exciting and full of action, I can't recall having any parts that lost my attention.

Speaking of action...

The Enlightening gets hot. I absolutely love the romance in this series. A combination of sweet heart-warming lines and animal desire that can get the reader dizzy, romantics will definitely be all hot and bothered over Geoff and Liam, and wanting to experience more.

The amount of tension that builds within The Enlightening is delicious, and kept me hanging off the edge of my metaphorical seat. (In reality, I was in bed, because I refused to go to sleep until I could finish this novel despite the fact that it was way past my bedtime.) The pacing is excellent, and I enjoyed watching the characters continue to grow.

I loved every minute of The Enlightening and I definitely believe that other readers will too. This is shaping up to be an excellent series and I can't wait to read more.

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