Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Creator Class by K.M. Breakey

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Rating: 5

Synopsis: Decades have elapsed since The Creators inflicted their vision on the planet. The population menace is tamed, resources are plentiful, and climate concerns abate. A sustainable world order has been achieved.

But the rigid restrictions of P-Class torment Shawn Lowe. Movements are tracked, conversations scrutinized, conformity enforced. It’s wrong. The Laws of Earthism are wrong. When a treasonous outburst cements Shawn’s fate, an unexpected communication from Creator Class sparks changes he could never have imagined.

A new life. A new family. Boundless opportunity. Destiny, it seems, has been rewritten. But an evil nemesis emerges, and a lust for vengeance points Shawn down a treacherous path. 

Creator Class is the first book in The Creator Class Series.

My Review:

It is no easy feat to find a book that is completely awesome from cover to cover. In fact, I would say that it is quite difficult. What is easy? Falling completely for Creator Class, which is one of those books. I just finished reading the novel, and now I am writing this review looking out at the bright blue of the Mediterranean and the Sicilian skyline. And everything about that is awesome.

Creator Class is action-packed, interesting, intense, and unique. The way that all of the ideas are explained, even though they may be the 1984-kind of horrifying, make them believable. In fact, if you told me that this novel is not fiction, but an actual glimpse of the future, I would not have that much trouble believing you.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the point of view. So many books are told in the first person. Although that is not a bad thing, it is refreshing to read in the third person omniscient. Not only does one get a grasp of the characters, but the narrating voice uses a sense of foreshadowing within their descriptions.

Normally when I read novels, the main characters become annoying  while the supporting characters are the ones I fall in love with. As I read Creator Class, I enjoyed ALL of the characters, even the ones that completely suck as people. They were developed all so well, that it is hard to not. Even the psychopathic ones are such great characters that have so many layers to them.

The storyline that the novel has is interesting throughout, and keeps you flipping the pages, wanting more. Even now, that I have finished the novel, I still want more. There are so many ways that the story can be expanded, and I am definitely excited to see what will happen next.

With lines that makes a quote need like me drool, killer characters, and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat (at least metaphorically), I highly recommend reading Creator Class, for you will not be disappointed.

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